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I found my favorite Café in Barcelona – thanks to a book!

My story of travelling through the world

I dislike entering book shops. Every time I walk into a book shop, I will end up buying one.

I entered an international bookshop in Eixample, Barcelona, while looking for some cool things to do in Barcelona. And as expected, a book named „The dead alleys of Barcelona“ got my attention, a crime novel. Long story shot: I bought it, went home, and started reading.

In this book, the author Stefanie Kremser talks about a special part of El Born, downtown Barcelona. She describes this magical square, this narrow street the main character lived in.

I didn’t know this exact street, and I was curious. I went downtown, wandered around the square and saw this café with the few tables on the terrace. Until today, 7 years later, it is still my favorite café in Barcelona – thanks to this book!

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    Every day, you probably see at least one travel article shared on social media that either tells a story of how a group of friends summited a particular mountain, a solo backpacker nailing an international trip with a shockingly low budget or a list of best places to see or do in a certain city. At a glance, they all might seem the same experiences being told over and over by different people. How different can two stories be if they happen to involve the same number of days on the trip and even the exact same locations anyway? The answer is a LOT!

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    We travel to enquire, to hear stories and to be awestruck by incredible scenery. To witness the ingenuity and defiance of individuals and the remarkable output of their cooperation. To be humbled by the history of yesterday, informed about the politics of today and excited by the possibilities of tomorrow.

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    When I first started my blog back in February, I did it with no inclination of actually becoming a “travel blogger.” I had the impression that travel bloggers were people who didn’t want/couldn’t get a “real job.” And I had no interest in being one of those people. My website was supposed to just be a place where I could house miscellaneous articles that I wrote about my (mis)adventures from around the globe. Besides, I already have other hobbies; I really didn’t mean to get into another one.

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