Technical Services

Hotel owners benefit from our experience in the early stages of design and construction, as we help structure, design, build and execute projects in the most cost -effective, efficient and effective way.

We prepare a comprehensive analysis of the business environment, complete design summaries and recommendations, and offer standard room designs, including electrical and lighting requirements. Together with the appointed architect we draw architectural sketches and design the back of the house, together with the appointed designer create the interior design concept.

We also review all feasibility studies, business models and concepts prepared by external consultants and developers, inspect projects and / or systems, recommend and verify:

• Architecture, landscape, food and beverage, entertainment, health and recreation
• Low voltage includes PA, MATV, security systems, fire safety and surveillance computer
• Communication and telephone
• Kitchen, laundry and backyard interior design
• Lighting / Acoustics
• Graphic / Uniform
• We work with experienced consultants and developers to complete the plan and provide guidance on the selection of facilities and equipment, including suppliers. We help budget the hotel, including working capital and initial inventory, and provide financial forecasts over 3 years.

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Susilo Arri
VP Business Development


Bernard Houpertz
VP Business Development

Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Americas

Aryo William
Managing Director Allokka Overseas