Pre-Opening Services

Preparing a hotel from idea to reality is a challenging and often challenging part of travel. The key to successful hotel development is a combination of time and a detailed understanding of the process. Whether you are planning a new property and are still in the planning and design stages or are considering the renovation or refurbishment of an existing hotel, you need professional advice to make an informed decision.

When it comes to pre-opening services, define Hotel Consultants which is your best choice!

Consider Allokka Hotel Management as your best choice.

As part of our support services before the hotel opens, our team of planners, architects and interior designers work closely with your project team to ensure charming hospitality. From hotel concept development to market positioning, hotel branding and product and service monitoring standards, we will assist you in all aspects of creating a clear pre-opening workflow to ensure plans are translated into a qualified operating structure for your hotel’s successful launch.

Our hotel before opening services in a jiffy
Site analysis, feasibility study and market analysis
Competitive market analysis in target markets
Identification and review of proposed competitive hotel packages
Define target customer profile, market model and demographics
concept development
Cooperation with architects, designers and construction companies
fire placement plan
Assist in preparing a pre-opening budget, financial forecast and working capital recommendations
Develop food and beverage concepts and labor standards
Recommendations for number price structures and revenue management systems
Assess maintenance issues such as sample room specifications and space planning.
Assistance in creating IT system requirements
Develop a work plan and critical path.
Facilitate workforce planning, hiring and training
Facilitate the appointment of key executives
Design before opening marketing strategy and promotion plan
Overview and guidance on the pre-opening and operating budget for the first year
Manage the production of financial forecasts and analysis for the first year
Development, configuration and implementation of operational procedures, best practices, controls and recommendations
Facilitate the seamless handover from contractor to operator/management

The basis of every successful hotel business is the competence and experience of its team before it opens. We bring pre-opening efficiencies, better profitability, earning potential and operating profit to your business.

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