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Over time, the hospitality industry will always look for ways to develop by providing the best service for guests. The hospitality industry itself is indeed a competitive industry where every hotel is competing to provide the best service for its guests. To provide this service, every employee will need proper training to achieve this goal. The Allokka Hotel Management HRD Center provides mandatory training of Human Resources Development for all employees and colleagues to improve services and prepare the skills of the employees themselves. After completing the program at the end of the training period, trainees will master and become easy to understand:
(1) Types of training programs organized by the Department of Human Resources and HRD Development Center Allokka Hotel Management,
(2) How to manage the training program by the Human Resources Department and how to manage the HRD Development Center of Allokka Hotel Management,
(3) What obstacles and effective methods exist in the implementation and management of the training program.
(4) Mastering and understanding the framework ojipf the department that is the subject of the training.

Through this page you will find out about the management of training programs by HRD Allokka Hotel Management HRD Centre.
The training technique was partly carried out by interactive interviews with the staff of the training participants and synthesized from various observations during five months at the hotel.
The results of the study indicate that there must be at least five types of training organized by the Human Resources Department of each hotel so that the hotel can be able to provide quality and continuous service.
The implementation of the training program at the Allokka Hotel Management HRD Center will continue to improve insights and synthesis of learning. This is very necessary for the sake of supervision and control in order to achieve maximum results to improve the quality of employees of the Allokka Hotel Management HRD Ce

Training Subjects are as follow. Another training subject can be delivered according to your need

Training Subjects
Guest contact
  1. Standard perfomance
  2. First impresion
  3. Service excelence
  4. Job delegation
  5. Handle complain
  6. The Do & Don’t
Supervisory & Managerial
  1. Job Delegation
  2. The Role Supervisory & managerial
  3. Control & Evaluation
  4. Leadership
  5. Make report lengkap
  6. Save cost
  7. Cost control
Marketing :
  1. Telemarketing system
  2. How to find prospek
  3. How good presentasi
  4. How to close sale
  5. How to keep relations
  6. Sales on line & off line
    Increasing omzet

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