Hotel Technologies

Hotel technology is an ever-growing, ever-changing, concept because it’s still so young. The size of the industry is huge but in reality, hotel technology has really only established itself in the last decade or two.

There are still thousands of hotels across the world that haven’t adopted a wide-ranging technology strategy. This is why so much opportunity exists for hotel businesses and technology developers alike.

However, even on opposite sides of the world hotels have the same basic business goals to optimise distribution, drive bookings, and create a healthy revenue stream. The avenue towards these objectives may vary strategically but the most successful properties have at least one thing in common: they all use sophisticated hotel technology and software.

In a travel landscape where distribution and booking technology in particular have become so prominent, any hotel not using the latest tools at its disposal is at a significant disadvantage.

Within an industry where time very much equals money, hotel technology is based around making things quicker and easier for hotel managers and staff – while smoothing out the guest experience too.

Automation and integration are the buzzwords for any technology provider, but that’s because they truly are the key to achieving hotel business goals.

Some of the general technology you’ll hear about most in regards to hotels includes:

  • Online distribution technology
  • Direct booking technology
  • Revenue management technology
  • Property management technology
  • Business intelligence technology
  • Website and SEO technology
  • Guest facing technology
  • Marketing technology

The travel industry only continues to prosper, so hoteliers are looking for ways to capitalise on opportunities to increase the amount of bookings they get, boost the value of each booking, drive greater profits, and establish a smarter, simpler, way of running a hotel.

Work/life balance might be a foreign term to those in the hotel industry but it’s something everyone needs. Hotel technology seeks to deliver this on top of improving the results of a business. If we take distribution technology as an example, it ultimately improves all facets of the business because your staff have time to focus on vital needs like guest experience or implementing new amenities.

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Property Management Systems

A Cloud Hotel PMS is Front Desk Software and Your Hotel’s Core Operating System.

Booking Engine

Hotel Booking Software: The eCommerce Shopping Cart For Hotel Websites.

Channel Manager

Optimize visibility and inventory across channels in real time.

Revenue Management Systems

Software to analyze, automate and optimize pricing strategy to increase profitability.

Mobile Key and Keyless Entry

Let guests access their room with a digital key right from their mobile device.

Guest Apps

Create a mobile app for your hotels.

Guest Messaging Software

Help your guests find answers faster and communicate in their preferred medium, text messaging.

Hotel Management Software

A single hotel management software to run almost every aspect of your hotel.