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Different Types Hotel Management Software

Hospitality management software system that runs your hospitality business. From ordering food in your restaurant system to online accommodation booking software enabling efficient communication and management of your operations ultimately increasing revenue.

With a variety of hospitality management systems to choose from understanding what is on offer it is important in order to find the right system that is tailored for your needs and budget. Depending on the type of operation you are managing you should consider the following system’s advantages and suitability for your company

Accommodation management software

Accommodation software packages range from those aimed at B & B’s and small motel owners to people running large hotels, clubs and resorts. The basic packages offer simple guest and room management while the more complex ones cover all the aspects needed to manage and run a large hotel chain. This includes ordering services, retail inventory, staff listings and accounting training and more.

Front desk.

A front desk software package should allow reception staff to track all guest room reservation details and restaurant reservation costs coordinates to plan guest housekeeping tasks and process guest check-in and check-out. They must also provide the means to communicate effectively with all travel agents and operators of activities related to the system. Features you should look out for include Reports for arrivals & departures on specific dates. Guest ledger and reservation details including activities and special requests. Discounted room rates, group package deals etc. Visual scheme of hotel rooms and status. Visual schematic calendar with room availability. Facilities for printing check-in cards for guests. Flexibility in re-assigning guests to different rooms. Facility to easily add charges for rooms from restaurants spa gift shops etc. Enter all payment options at check-out and print receipt. Print to-do lists for staff facilities to save Communicate guests History efficiently with bookings and travel agents

Home / maintenance software.

Easy- to use software for the housekeeping and maintenance department of your accommodation will increase the efficiency of room cleaning and servicing. The main feature of this module will be Tracking room status – dirty cleaned checked check-in and check-out etc. All information such as number of guests number of beds length of stay special requests eg baby cot high chair should be visible to both housekeeping staff and management. Staff can enter any maintenance issues that arise and they are automatically sent to the maintenance department. Staff can request cleaning materials and toiletries ordered. Staff can track laundry status for interrupted fabric supplies.

Online Reservation System Software

This online reservation system software package is very important for accommodation places. It helps you increase direct online ordering instantly. Prospective guests can view hotel room sizes, bed options, availability and prices plus the services and facilities offered. The system must have instant confirmation of credit card payments or other secure online payment methods. After payment of the deposit and confirmation via email guests should be able to log in to view or change their reservation details. The cancellation policy should state that airport transportation options are mentioned.

POS Operation

Hospitality management system for point of sale POS operations It includes restaurants and bars with gifts, hotels, shops, spas, tour desks and other guest services. It should have the option of direct payment or charge to room. In addition to recording normal sales operations should include issuing daily transaction reports to management or accounting offices and daily income reports.

In the POS sector, there are many operating systems for catering hospitality management for the food vendor sector, namely restaurants, cafes, takeaway shops and Delis.

Restaurant POS package management. For POS management packages you have a choice of off-the-shelf systems for restaurants and cafes where you can set options to suit your operation or customized one specifically configured for your business. Most systems are quite easy to use and cost effective. Their features vary but most offer the following Order taking counting and checkout options using a handheld PDA system. Acceptance of credit-card processing interface tailored for your business. More sophisticated systems also offer Integrate all transactions with accounting software

As international hotel management we maintain and work as hotel chain existance which strives to always provide first class dedicated hotel system software and computing.

Technology in the hotel industry continues to advance at a rapid pace and hotel management software (HMS) remains essential for hoteliers looking to improve how they run their business.

The key to reaping the benefits of an effective hotel management software system is to select the right one for your property. It’s critical that you know exactly what the hotel management technology is and why it is important for you to implement it at your hotel.

Selecting the right hotel software is critical, particularly in a world where consumers are relying more heavily on their devices with each passing day. An investment into the right software can make all the difference to your overall success as a hotel operator, but will require some research.

There are seven main questions that you should ask your hotel system provider as soon as possible: Ask it to our team. We’ll be glad to give you advices for your hotel need.

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