We are a team of planners, architects, landscape architects and interior designers headquartered in New York and San Francisco with a network of domestic and international offices.

Our practice is Designing Complete EnvironmentsTM—exceptional buildings, communities and places—in special situations, where a unique historic or natural environment requires an especially thoughtful and innovative solution.

Our architecture department was established ten years ago to meet the need for high quality, fast-paced architectural concepts and plans specifically for our budget hotel brand. The owners were unhappy with their architect – because of the bad concept, slow planning and poor quality of plans – so we decided to do something about it.

We design and operate hotels – that’s all we do and we always will – we are absolute specialists in all areas of hotel design and use our years of experience around the world to create attractive, comfortable and practical hotels to build and operate to develop – We put the practicality first and then put the design on top. Our design professionals draw from the client’s vision to develop architectural expressions that fit their wants and needs and the physical context of each task.

Our designers have diverse areas of expertise and are recognized across the industry for their problem-solving skills, broad knowledge base and creativity in approaching any task with a fresh and innovative approach.

We involve our customers in the planning process so that their vision is accurately reflected in the final product. Our inspiration for problem solving is based on a thorough understanding of how our customers – and their end users – will use the space.

Our MEP (Mechanical, Engineering, Plumbing) team and our company’s Chief Engineer have extensive experience in the analysis and design of mechanical and electrical building systems, as well as in site planning and improvement, including utility systems. They also have expertise in sustainable design, energy efficient strategies and assessments, and renewable energy design solutions for new and existing facilities.

We will collaorate with some architect and interior experts.

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