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Allokka is being become a dynamic and modernst Hotel Management Company. Established in 2020 when it was being to be a hard year for hotelier business to survive after  2019  spreading covid19 year enforces the world into pademic age.

The years have pushed Allokka to try to passing some series of searching to find innovative strategies for company and operation management become survive and have such a kind resistance to face the pandemic atmosphere that really hits hotelier practiciants and hotelier businesses down.

This unfriendly time and behavior has, in other side, given Allokka some very useful and significant formulated strategies which make Allokka finding its confidence again toward business enrollment stiil able to run in uncertain conditions and futures during pandemic. The result is, hotel operation and hoteliers operation smoothly run again in the progressive successfull achivement. Through our innovation and innovative strategis, Allokka in fact able to awake hotelier operations and its chained business, only in different new normal adaptations.

We know that all of those results aren’t able to annoniye hotelier expert teams in our company. And through this year and next colaborative works and partnership we plan for 100 – 500 rooms be able to covered by Allokka Hotel Management. It wiil be also a challange for Allokka to have connections with +60.000 travel agents globally and hospitality sectors. The company is looking foward and actively working to open +50 hotels accross 25 cities in Indonesia, and, +25 hotels accross 25 cities worlwide by this year.

Our optimistic plann obviously is under our rational reasons that we are comply to our tools and technologies and our expert experiences. Allokka Reservation Experience and Allokka Arrival Experience is our core issue that will effectively triggers our next-gen technology. Allokka is next-gen technology based Hotel Management Company.

Beside our natural hospitality tradition delivering exotice culture service standart , technology is our core resource when delivering hoteliers and hospitality service to every each customers. We  know this as Allokka Experience. Combined with our understanding to local cultures the hotel located and exposuring their unique local capture, Allokka ensures the service will give unforgetable memorizes and experiences while enjoy stay in Allokka hotels.

We also use technology as a core to maintain Operations, Assets Management, Revenue Management, Sales and Marketing Management, Distibution System, Service Monitoring System, all toward to give analitic data  to deliver understanding and personalized hospitality experience to every single customer.

Our Vision

Became the most preferred choice of  a Hotelier Hotel Resort Management Company World Wide by delivering Allokka Experience  for Guests, creating valued meaningfull and human sense work for Employee, provide Value to Shareholders and Partners

Our Mision

Allokka commited to give continouse sustainable Hotel Resort Management with  hospitality improvements and innovations in order to give delight live for all people in the world, make a green environment and industry polutan free atmospher, influence positive better live to the surrounding.

Our Value

Value of Allokka are : hospitality, smart, inteligence, understanding, solution, consistency, integrity , trusth, wonderfull, excellence

Our Tradition Of Best Hospitality

Years Of Warm Welcome

Our consideration whenever we deliver hotelier operating management is to Bring unforgettable memories to a destination that offers a relaxing atmosphere.

We provide international class hotel service wholeheartly. Bringing unforgetable first class undeniable hospitality so you will always miss to come back again to enjoy the hotel’s.

We help small businesses to realize their full growth potential, and we’re invested in their success.

Since 2017

Allokka Hotels Resorts was founded by Arri G. Raymond Susilo in Yogyakarta City.

500++ Experts

Our outstanding success does not negate our experts in the team.

3 Countries

We work with hundred of businesses. We always maintain our development to expand our business in many countries.

Our Recuring Events

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Allokka has another mission to support midscale business and startups to grow , turn independent hotels and resorts into local market leaders. Allokka diverse expertise and deep-knowledge across hotel management, hotel operator, asset management, hotel consulting, and revenue management services, enables them to drive results for independent boutique hotels, luxury eco-resorts, and innovative lodging concepts.

If you want more information about to build or manage your hotels or restaurants you can contact or through website contact or book our next event, conference, round table or seminar.




















Choice Of Management

Allokka Hotel Bizz

$ 450 / Key – Contact Us

Up-Scale; Full Service Hotel Management


Allokka Garden

$ 450 / Key – Contact Us

Up-Scale Garden Hotel Management


MJA Enjoy Inn

$ – / Key – Contact Us

Budget-Scale City Hotel Management


MJA Privattes

$ -/ Key – Contact Us

Mid-Scale Up-Scale both Hotel or Resort Management


NHC Privattes

$ – / Key – Contact Us

Full Service Mid-Scale Hotel Management


Allokka – MJA Urban Quartz

$ – / Key – Contact Us

Budget-Scale, Mid-Scale City Place Management.

Home Stay, Transit Guest House, Rest Place etc.


NHC Privattes Residence

$ – / Key – Contact Us

Plan your Mid-Scale Residencial Management

Apartement, Condotel


NJA Lite

$ – / Key – Contact Us

Plan your Budget-Scale, Mid-Scale Hospitalitay Management.

Exclusive Pavilyun, Exclusive Boarding


Allokka Resort

$ – / Key – Contact Us

Plan your Full Service Mid-Scale Up-Scale Resort Management


Allokka – NJA Lite Pringgitan

$ – / Key – Contact Us

Plan your Budget-Scale, Mid-Scale Hospitalitay Management.

Local Nature Residencial Place


hotel room, hamburg, elbphilharmonie-2614141.jpg

MJA Resort

$ – / Key – Contact Us

Plan your Full Service Mid-Scale Up-Scale Resort Management


Allokka –
Nellis Parking

$ – / Key – Contact Us

Plan your Budget-Scale, Mid-Scale Up-Scale Hospitalitay Management.

Restaurant, City Place, Park, Tour Spot etc


Haryyatti Hotel Resort

$ – / Key – Contact Us

Plan your Full Service Mid-Scale Up-Scale Resort Management


Allokka –
The Moon City Hotel

$ – / Key – Contact Us

Plan your Budget-Scale, Mid-Scale Up-Scale Hospitalitay Management.

Hotel, City Hotel, Boutique Hotel


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